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You can't spend ALL your time at my site.  When you get done surfing here, check out these other wonderful sites you might enjoy.

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SimCity Central - If you aren't anxiously awaiting the release of SimCity 4, you will after visiting here.  Particularily of note are the excellent forums.  Very noteworthy!
Bloodnight's Dungeon - From the Creator of Legend IX, comes Bloodnight's Dungeon!  The best Final Fantasy themed palace ever! You can also download the palace software from his web site.  He's currently having problems with the backdrops, but try it!
Legend IX - My best friend's site with umm...well...not much right now, but he's really good at this sort of thing and he updates CONSTANTLY.  Go there right now!
Stuff - Another one of my friends' sites.  He has alot of games and other interesting stuff.  Stuff that doesn't really matter (in his own words).  Check it out.
TechTV | The Screen Savers - My favorite web page (next to this one) where you can find TONS of information about anything technology related.
The Original Game Show Page! - The first and best web site out there for anything and everything game shows.  I'm not kidding; check it out.
Game Show Compendium - Looking for information on your favorite game show?  Or any other game show?  ANY one?  The Game Show Compendium is a comprehensive page chock full of links, links, and more links for every game show imaginable.
Sim City 4 - I can't wait until this one comes out.  Find out all you need to know about the newest edition of Will Wright's blockbuster series.  Check it out!
Game Show Central - Have a high-speed internet connection?  Want to take advantage of it?  Check out this graphic intensive site and you can even download videos of some hilarious game show moments.
Google - Use it.  It's the best.  Period.

I know that this site kind of sucks right now.  But I need your feedback as to how to improve it.  Please email me right away.
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