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Download Central

This is where I feature a download every week (or so; I can't guarantee anything).  I will keep my downloads up as long as possible, but with limited space, I'll have to take them down after a while.

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"The Screen Savers" Music - I LOVE the Screen Savers.  I really do.  There's only one thing I like more.  The theme music.  Now, they recently updated the theme, but I like the old one better.  Click Here to get the new theme or here to get the old, classic theme.
Google Toolbar - Do you use Google alot?  If you do, check out this download.  It puts Google right into your internet browser! Amazing!
And Speaking of Google, here's a neat Google Search just for you!


Zone Alarm - Keep hackers and other problems from ruining your computer and everything on it with this free firewall.  It even keeps viruses from accessing the internet and ruining other computers.
Ad-Aware - Is someone spying on your system?  Find out if that program you just downloaded is spying on what you do on your computer with this program.  New!  Version 5.8