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10/22 - Hello once again.  I'm now part of the Anti-apple Site Ring!  My friends and I started it!  I also added their sites on the Links page.  I also added a News Archive section.  Thank you for visiting my site, everybody!
10/21 - Hi!  Long time no see!  Sorry 'bout the laziness but I really have updated.  I just have been too lazy to write a synopsis about it.  So here's what I've done since last time.  I've added an article about internet resources in the Tech Help section.  I've also added a new (better) video to the Sim City 4.  I'm also working on a cool flash animation, so be prepared to see that in the next few days.  Oh! And don't forget to click on the daily cartoon button every day.  It changes every day and is always very funny.  So until next time, See ya later!!
10/17 - Hey y'all.  LinkTiger here.  Did you notice all the cool new stuff going up on the site?  Did I not tell you that "...many wonderful things happen [here] every day"?  There are now news headlines on the Tech Page and the Links page.  I also added a cool poll, as you can see over there.  So look around and decide for yourself what you like and don't like.  And don't forget to email me with your thoughts and opinions.
10/16 - Hey!  What's up?  Not much?  That's good.  So, are you looking forward to SimCity 4 in January.  I know I am.  And just to wet your appitite a little bit, here's a video promoting the latest edition in the city-building series.  It doesn't contain any actual game footage, but hey, you can't always get what you want ;-)  Check it out at the SimCity 4 section.  I also updated the pictures there so you can now click on them for a lorger image.  See ya later!

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