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Having trouble with your computer?  Think I might be able to help?  Try me!  Email me with your question, and I might post it up on this page.  I'm here to help.

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Computer Problems?

Internet References - Looking for something on the internet but don't know where to start?  Try these.  If you want to find a definition, try the online dictionary at If you're looking up something for a report, try It isn't the best, but it's a start.  If you're trying to find some info on your favorite game show (as I often do) try the Game Show Compendium for a whole crap-load of game show links.  The Original Game Show Page is another great resource.  And, of course, Google for absolutely anything else.  It's the best search engine out there BY FAR!  Yahoo and Ask Jeeves have NOTHING on this one.
Folders in your links bar - Are you running out of room on your links bar in Internet Explorer?  Try organizing them into folders.  Just go to Favorites and then Organize Favorites.  Then go into the links folder and add some folders there.  Then, when you click on the folder on your links bar, a drop-down menu will appear with all the links in it.  It's very useful!  The Screen Savers explain it a little bit better than I do.  Try it out!
Tweak UI - If you're using Windows, check out this must-have download.  Use it to customize windows EXACTLY to your liking.  It's cool.  Check it out.  Click here to get it or here if you have Win. XP
Font Sizes in Internet Explorer - If you're using Internet Explorer (which you probably are) and you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, hold on to shift and use the scroll wheel to make the words on a web page appear larger or smaller.  This is handy for viewing web pages with super-tiny writing.

Tech News

Tech TV

Many of these tips come from TechTV's The Screen Savers and Call for Help TV shows.  Check out their web sites and watch their TV shows for more info.